Community Volunteers

During the latter half of 2011, the Board Development Committee explored options for getting more people involved in our decision-making and to recruit potential candidates to serve on the Foundation board. The result was the creation of the Community Volunteers. These community representatives serve as voting members on many of our committees. Their contribution will bring more voices to the table while giving them experience in how we conduct our work.

HCCF Community Volunteers

  • Kevin Burch, Harrison Twp
  • Kelley Churchill, Spencer Twp
  • Chad Coffman, Harrison Twp
  • Lacy Crosier, Posey Twp
  • Jared Hamlin, Franklin Twp
  • Jim Isbell, Jackson Twp
  • Phyllis Krush, Morgan Twp
  • Annissa Reas, Spencer Twp
  • Matt Rothrock, Harrison Twp

To apply to participate as a Community Volunteer, click here or contact Sarah Travis, Administrative Assistant, at 812-738-6668 or for an application.





General Builder's Fund


HCCF uses unrestricted funds to meet various community needs. From grants to nonprofits for basic human services to large-scale programs such as preschool - these are made possible by using unrestricted funds. HCCF is participating in the Lilly Endowment Inc. GIFT VII Challenge in order to bring more unrestricted dollars into our community.

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