The main purpose of an endowment is to provide a long-term and growing source of financial support for an organization or cause.

Wondering What it Takes to Start an Endowment Fund?

1. Meet

Meet with HCCF to discuss what you want to accomplish, such as provide scholarships, support a particular nonprofit organization, or help a cause.

2. Draft

A draft agreement will be created by HCCF staff based on your intent.

3. Review

Reviews of the agreement are made by you, your legal counsel (if desired), and HCCF legal counsel.

4. Approve

Once everyone is satisfied with the document, the HCCF Board of Directors will approve the agreement at one of their regularly scheduled meetings.

5. Sign

Two copies must be signed - one for you and one for HCCF to keep on file.

Have a passion for Education?

A minimum gift of $10,000 starts a scholarship fund.

Have a Favorite Organization or Cause?

A minimum gift of $5,000 starts a designated agency fund or a field of interest fund.

Have Multiple Causes You Want to Support?

No problem. An Endowed Donor Advised Fund allows you to recommend grants from your fund to your favorite qualified nonprofit organizations. The minimum gift to start an Endowed Donor Advised Fund is $25,000.

Not Sure How to Help Plan for the Future?

Consider establishing a Builder's Fund. Builder's Funds are pooled together to provide unrestricted money for the HCCF Board of Directors to use for proactive grants and community initiatives. These unrestricted funds enable HCCF to meet the needs of the community as they arise. The minimum gift to establish a Builder's Fund is $2500.



Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) COVID-19 Relief Fund


The Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) is committed to being a resource to help address the needs as they arise in our community resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. The HCCF COVID-19 Relief Fund will provide flexible resources to our nonprofit organizations serving Harrison County residents as they address immediate and long-term needs. HCCF will serve as a partner in the effort.


If you would like to join us in helping meet the need, you are invited to make a gift to the HCCF COVID-19 Relief Fund. Gifts may be made online at hccfindiana.org or by mailing a check to HCCF, PO Box 279, Corydon, IN 47112. Make checks payable to HCCF with "COVID-19 Relief Fund" noted.

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