Board of Directors & Community Volunteers

Our Board of Directors & Community Volunteers

There are sixteen volunteer board members serving the Harrison County Community Foundation. Each is elected to a three-year term and may serve no more than two consecutive terms.  The Board of Directors typically meet on the first Monday of each month to consider routine business. Special board meetings or committee meetings are called as required to ensure the proper conduct of our mission. Officers who will serve during the next calendar year and the operating budget are determined at the annual meeting.

During the latter half of 2011, the Board Development Committee explored options for getting more people involved in our decision-making and to recruit potential candidates to serve on the Foundation board. The result was the creation of the Community Volunteers.

These community representatives serve as voting members on many of our committees. Their contributions bring more voices to the table while giving them experience in how we conduct our work. 


Considerations to provide for a diverse representation of our community among board members and community volunteers include geographic residency (within Harrison County), professional background, ethnicity, gender, special skills, and education. All members sign a Conflict of Interest Statement requiring them to declare any possible conflicts and must withdraw from voting on any issue which is, or may appear to represent, a conflict of interest.

Any resident of Harrison County, Indiana, may apply to be considered for membership on the Foundation Board of Directors. To apply to participate as a Board Member or Community Volunteer, click here for an application.  For additional information, contact us at (812) 738-6668.

See the Code of Ethics adopted by the Board of Directors, Community Volunteer members, and staff.

2024 HCCF Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Taylor Johnson, Chair, Webster Twp
  • Matt Rothrock, Vice-Chair, Harrison Twp
  • Carrie Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer, Spencer Twp
  • Kelley Churchill, Spencer Twp
  • Laurie Dunaway, Harrison Twp
  • Cheryl Fisher, Spencer Twp
  • Jeremy Grant Gallander, Harrison Twp, Caesars Southern Indiana Representative
  • Ryan Hanger, Harrison Twp
  • Jim Koerber, Franklin Twp
  • Kelly Matlock, Morgan Twp
  • Annissa Reas, Spencer Twp
  • Emily Schneider, Franklin Twp
  • Carrie Spencer, Franklin Twp
  • Lisa Steele, Harrison Twp
  • Jeff Thomas, Posey Twp

Provisional Members

  • Barbara Crecelius, Harrison Twp
  • Christopher Griffith, Spencer Twp
  • Tommy Wiseman, Harrison Twp

Immediate Past Chair

  • Jeff Shireman, Franklin Twp
2024 HCCF Community Volunteers

Community Volunteers

  • Paige Baker, Boone Twp
  • Stephanie Faith, Boone Twp
  • Jared Hamlin, Franklin Twp
  • Phyllis Krush, Morgan Twp
  • Doug Martin, Jackson Twp
  • Kyle Mattingly, Jackson Twp
  • Kate Pope, Morgan Twp
  • Lacey Yeager, Boone Twp