Trace Society

Trace Society

Trace used as a noun means a mark or indication of something from the past. Buffalo Trace was the name given to a vital trail traveled by buffalo, Native Americans, explorers and settlers. That trace, built upon for generations,
is still a relevant highway today: generally along or near Indiana State Road 150.

The Trace Society honors those who have named the foundation in their estate plans.
Members' gifts will ensure their favorite causes will continue to receive support even after they are gone.

  • Jack* & Evelyn* Baker
  • Dan & Maggie Abart Briles
  • Anna Curts
  • Tom* & Margaret* Ewbank
  • Steve Gilliland
  • Kim Harmon
  • Sam Hays*
  • Pam Bennett Martin
  • Mary Mayfield
  • Judith E. Miller
  • Homer Quick*
  • Kathy Skinner
  • Kenton* & Phyllis Turner
  • Robert & Tari Welch
  • Rita Windell*


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To find out more about the Trace Society, contact Kim Harmon, Director of Development, at 812-738-6668 or


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