Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire & assist everyone to experience philanthropy, producing positive & sustainable growth in Harrison County.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow Harrison County into the best community to live, work and raise a family.

Our Values

We value generosity, integrity, sustainability, stewardship, innovation, collaboration, inclusion, and excellence.

What is a Community Foundation?

A community foundation is a nonprofit corporation created by and for the people of a geographic region that helps donors and charitable organizations do good work…forever.

A community foundation is different from other charitable organizations because of three distinct features:

  • Permanent endowments – donors create permanent endowment funds giving through the community foundation to the charitable organizations they wish to support
  • Broad, flexible grantmaking – the community foundation is knowledgeable about local community needs and resources
  • Community catalyst – the community foundation brings people together as a catalyst for change

What sets HCCF apart?

Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) has a unique history. In a Riverboat Gaming Development Agreement dated May 15, 1996, RDI/Caesars Riverboat, LLC agreed with the Harrison County, Indiana government to provide $5,000,000 to create the foundation. The three seated county commissioners selected 21 Harrison County citizens to become the founding Board of Directors.

The agreement also provided for a continuing transfer of contributions from the casino to the community foundation beginning in 2000. In order to meet the public support test and continue to operate as a public foundation, the Harrison County Community Foundation Supporting Organization, Inc. was created.

Ongoing contributions from the casino are based on a percentage of gaming revenue and are split between two accounts in the Supporting Organization. The majority, 75%, goes into the Harrison County Community Fund, which the county government uses to support its programs and projects. The remaining 25% is used by the foundation to fund its programs and projects, such as grantmaking and matching gifts.

Because of the tremendous contributions from what is now Caesars Southern Indiana, HCCF has been able to embark on several ambitious projects. In addition, HCCF functions as any other community foundation by providing opportunities for donors to support their favorite causes.


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