Scholarship Deadlines

For more information about any of the scholarship applications, please contact Heather Stafford, Director of Programs, at heathers@hccfindiana.org or call 812-738-6668.

  • January 20th-HCCF Scholarships (For graduating high school seniors)
  • March 31st-Adult Summer Scholarships
  • March 31st-Miles’ Fund Scholarship
  • April 15th-Harrison County Hospital Foundation Scholarship
  • June 15th-Harrison County Farm Bureau, Inc. Agricultural Career Scholarship
  • June 15th-Harrison County Healthcare Scholarship
  • June 15th-Herbert and Marilyn Gettelfinger Agricultural Scholarship
  • June 15th-Jessie L. and Arlie L. Fogel Scholarship
  • June 15th-Robert H. Weber Memorial Scholarship
  • June 30th-Adult Fall Scholarships
  • September 30th-Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship
  • October 31st-Adult Spring Scholarships
  • October 31st-Miles’ Fund Scholarship


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