HCCF to match Indiana Arts Commission grant

Tyler Best
February 13, 2023 / 5 mins read

This year, HCCF will continue matching eligible Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) grants to provide Harrison County residents access to quality arts and cultural activities. To request arts-related grant funding from HCCF, Harrison County-serving arts organizations and schools must complete the IAC’s Arts Project Support grant application first and provide a copy of the full IAC application to HCCF by the posted IAC deadline: Thursday, March 9 at 11:59 p.m. The IAC grant application is on the IAC’s website, which can be accessed by logging onto http://bit.ly/3HUmQnD.

HCCF will match a maximum of $5,000 to individual arts organizations or Harrison County schools that receive an IAC Arts Project Support (APS) grant award. The matching funds will help the organization or school present a larger project to the community.

The IAC APS grants support a distinct aspect of the organizations’ and schools’ art activities, such as a one-time event or production; an exhibition; an educational seminar; or a series of related arts activities, such as art classes or training sessions. The IAC will notify its grant recipients by early July 2023.

For more information about the HCCF match for Indiana Arts Commission Arts Project Support grants, contact Anna Curts, HCCF Grants Manager, at 812-738-6668 or annac@hccfindiana.org.

About Indiana Arts Commission
The Indiana Arts Commission comprises 15 people appointed by the Indiana governor who establishes the agency's policies and goals, plans its direction for the future, and approves all grant awards and programs. Their mission is to positively impact Indiana's cultural, economic, and educational climate by providing responsible leadership and public stewardship of artistic resources for all state citizens and communities.